Who we are?

A to Z Organic Chemistry is a newly established company with an aim to provide expert support to biotech, pharma, and academic research institutes in the USA and across the globe. We have an extensive experience in organic chemistry for drug discovery and development and polymer chemistry for drug delivery applications.

Organic chemistry is life! Every aspect of life is derived from organic chemistry. With the advancement in science and technology, more drug targets are identified more frequently or refined at a much faster pace. To catch up with these new discoveries and use them for their research, a scientist needs expert support to help them keep focused on the overall development of the project.

A to Z organic chemistry was established with the aim to provide support to help scientist to focus on their core area of research and save valuable time on organic chemistry and polymer parts in their projects. Many organic reactions are challenging and need expert support. If you have some such problems, we can provide pace to your projects and help them realize much faster. Smart polymers are challenging not only in synthesizing them with a narrow distribution of molecular weights as well as post-polymer modifications. We have expertise in synthesizing a wide range of SMART polymers for drug delivery applications including nano-structure construction.

A to Z organic chemistry has a mission to support scientists of non-chemistry backgrounds to turn their projects into reality with our experience. We welcome you to take a step forward with your inquiries.


A to Z Org Chem

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality service and support to transform novel ideas into reality.